An upcoming merger of “Salama”, “Aman” and “Takaful Al Emarat”

Dubai: “The Bay”

«Gulf» learned that 3 Takaful insurance companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market are on the way to establish one of the largest Takaful insurance companies in the world after merging them into one entity.

A source said that the Islamic Arab insurance company “Salama” will announce the purchase of both “Takaful Al Emarat” and Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance “Aman”.

The merger comes a few months after the announcement of the merger of two of the largest Takaful insurance companies in the Emirates, namely “Dar Al Takaful” in Dubai and “National Takaful” in Abu Dhabi, to become “Takaful House”, the remaining entity, the largest state-level takaful service provider in terms of marketplace share.

Large entities would unify their customer bases, which would give them the potential for development and expansion and to provide more competitive offerings and products.

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