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AMG and Will.I.Am tease interesting concept with G63-like face

[UPDATE] A new teaser video on social media reveals that the car is based on the GT 63 SE Performance, but with two suicide doors.

If you missed the note, William James Adams Jr. known under his stage name as “Will.I.Am” Mercedes-AMG’s brand ambassador for electrified cars. When the announcement was made in September 2021, the GT 63 SE Performance came to the fore. They have now collaborated on something very special, which will be unveiled on Thursday 5 May. Ok, but what is it?

Well, the page profile previewed in the shaded teaser image apparently shows a coupe. We mean it in the real sense, as the car seems to have two doors. It has a long hood and a rather short rear end that reminds us of the S-Class Coupe. However, that car has been discontinued and it was still not offered with an electrified driveline.

Mercedes-AMG and Will.I.Am concept teasers
Mercedes-AMG and Will.I.Am concept teasers

It can be one of four things: a bespoke concept, a preview of the next generation AMG GT Coupe or a vehicle based on the E-Class Coupe or the AMG GT Four-Door Coupe. Either way, the front panel will definitely be polarizing as it looks unusually thick for a swoopy coupe. It seems that the Black Eyed Peas founder took inspiration from the G63, so we wonder how it is possible to have a coherent design with such a peculiar combination of styling cues.

According to the rapper, he single-handedly “created a car for Mercedes-AMG.” It’s a pretty bold statement for what is likely to be a stand-alone. The official Will.I.Am page says the unnamed vehicle will “help fund inner-city engineering programs to prepare our youth for a technological tomorrow.” This tells us that an auction could be arranged for the electrified vehicle, with revenue redirected to a good cause.

The wild device is going to follow another radically styled vehicle – the Project Maybach. The unique design was unveiled in December 2021 and was created in collaboration with the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh. It was also a coupe with a square front, but with off-road features such as off-road tires, body cladding and a generous ride height.

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