Amex GBT adds gender-neutral options in Neo

American Express Global Business Travel has updated its Neo booking tool to provide new opportunities for non-binary travelers, the company announced.

Neo’s gender selection field now includes “non-binary” as an option along with “woman” and “man” for travelers’ profiles. In addition, it has added the gender-neutral prefix “Mx.” as a choice for travelers along with “Mr.”, “Mrs.” and “Ms.” Businesses also have the option to remove prefixes completely if they prefer. The travel management firm says the change comes as more countries offer third-sex options in passports, including the United States, which added “X” as a gender option earlier this month.

The latest Neo release also included a new sorting option for travelers, where they can see the options with the lowest CO2 footprint at the top of their search, according to Amex GBT.

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