American family brings unexploded bomb to Israel airport

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The family packed the bomb as a souvenir (Photo: Twitter / @ jess_ih_ka / Israeli Airports Authority)

An airport in Israel was thrown into chaos last night after an unexploded artillery shell was discovered.

Video from Ben Gurion Airport shows panicked passengers running through the terminal while others fall to the ground in fear.

It turned out that an American family had been the source of the security scare.

They had picked up the unexploded grenade on a visit to the Golan Heights, which was the background for wars between Israel and Syria.

When the ammunition was presented to the security guard, the staff sounded the alarm and announced an evacuation.

The panic quickly spread across the airport as a result.

People were seen stumbling over bags and airport furniture in their attempt to escape the trouble.

A 32-year-old man was reportedly rushed to hospital for treatment for injuries after falling over a luggage carousel.

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The airport evacuated when someone thought it was a good idea to take the bomb as a souvenir

A bomb squad was called to the scene and the evacuation was called off (Photo: Israeli Airport Authority)

The calm only came about when bomb squad experts were called in to assess the ammunition – and made it all clear.

The American family was eventually allowed to board their plane after being questioned by the security guard.

The Golan Heights – where they had picked up the bomb – were conquered from Syria by Israel during the Six Day War in 1967.

Remnants of the conflict, such as ammunition, can still be found in the area.

The Jewish press reported that a child in the family had originally found the ammunition and packed it as a ‘souvenir’.

The Israeli airport authority has been contacted by for further comments.

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