Amazon’s Carnival Row cancellation comes before Season 2

Amazon Prime Video’s Carnival Row was one of the streamer’s flagship shows. At least when it comes to its unique visual appeal and incredible new fantasy story. When it premiered, the series also received a Season 2 renewal well in advance of its Season 1 debut. Something that Amazon Prime Video is used to doing. However, it seems production delays due to the COVID pandemic made it not worth the streamer. A new report confirms Amazon’s Carnival Row cancellation, and it’s a sad day for fantasy fans.

Carnival Row was one of the most unique shows on television

Amazon's Carnival Row cancellation Faun..
Image via: Amazon Prime Video.

Just as The Boys revolutionized adult superhero stories, Carnival Row brought a new fantasy flavor to Amazon Prime Video. The new series was a solid mix of fantasy, romance, period setting and many other concepts that made it a treat to watch. The show stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

Carnival Row was about a world set in Victorian London where fairies, fauns, witches and other fantasy creatures lived alongside humans. The world sees these creatures leave their war-torn homelands and move in among humans. The show’s storyline uses this as a parallel to developed nations’ xenophobia towards immigrants. And all the other problems that come with it. The story looks at human attitudes towards these fantasy creatures and how a murder investigation along with the tensions in these race relations creates a powder keg of conflict.

Amazon’s Carnival Row cancellation comes after 2 seasons

Amazon's Carnival Row cancellation Fairy.
Image via: Amazon Prime Video.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter now confirms that Amazon canceled Carnival Row after its two seasons. Which is a bit confusing to be honest. It seems that all the problems and delays in production due to the pandemic could be the reason why the show was canceled. It probably wasn’t worth it for Amazon to continue production amid the high costs to keep Season 2 in production during COVID.

It’s a sad day as the show was one of the streamer’s flagship shows. But it’s also clear how the delays may have increased costs, also given the amount of VFX required on a show like this compared to, say, Jack Ryan. Which is another Prime Video original.

Carnival Row season two will premiere on February 17, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Source: THR.

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