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Amazon Pet Day: Save on all the most important pets

Only today you can enjoy 24 hour savings thanks to Amazon Pet Day. Whether you want to give your furry friend a new bed and some delicious treats – or you need some supplies to clean up after an accident on the carpet – this sale has you covered. With offers from much-loved brands like Greenies and Frontline, plus dozens more, you save money while making sure you have everything you need for a happy and healthy pet. Shop our selection below.

$ 15.49 From $ 10.49 at Amazon


Greenie’s supplements contain high quality ingredients such as fish oil and real chicken – plus they support a shiny coat and immune system. Best of all, dogs can not get enough of these treats, making it a win-win all the way around.

$ 169 $ 118 at Amazon


No one likes to be away from their furry friends for a long time, but when life gets in the way, this Furbo dog camera allows you to monitor your pet anywhere and anytime. Equipped with night vision, two-way sound and barking alarm and even treat-throwing features that will keep your dog engaged.

$ 12.99 From $ 9.37 at Amazon


These all-natural chewing gums are long-lasting and keep your dog busy gnawing on them for a while. Stock up on a range of Pawstruck products right now – your furry friend will be grateful.

$ 38.99 $ 22.39 at Amazon


Many cats will not drink water from a bowl, so keep your pets hydrated with this super cute solution. This fountain boasts three different water flow settings and offers maximum oxygenation – features certainly entice even the most discerning cats.

$ 799 $ 509.15 at Amazon


Cats are amazing. Cleaning their litter box is … not great. With this self-cleaning cat tray, your cats can do their business and you do not even have to pick up a scooper. Features such as high-precision sensors, smart connectivity, remote control and odor removal make this a premium accessory for any cat home.

$ 19.97 $ 13.38 at Amazon


Accidents happen and it is easy to clean up when you have the right products at hand. This Rocco & Roxie formula is gentle enough on all rugs and safe around pets and children, but tough on odors, stains and residue.

$ 46.99 From $ 23.99 at Amazon


Keep your pet protected from fleas and ticks from one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Frontline treatments are long-lasting, waterproof, preventive and easy to apply.

$ 199.99 From $ 159.99 at Amazon


Mop and vacuum your floors and deep clean everything else with powerful machines from Bissell. Clutter and pet hair will be a thing of the past – and with a myriad of features and bluetooth connections, you hardly need to lift a finger. Plus, the Bissell depth washer works twice as well as a portable dog washer (yep, you heard that right).

$ 11.80 $ 8.49 at Amazon


Tennis balls are great, but an egg-shaped toy is even better. The unique shape provides erratic jumps and unexpected directions that will keep your dog far more entertained than a regular retrieval game will.

$ 17.99 $ 15.29 at Amazon


Keep your puppy hydrated on the go with this convertible water bottle / dog bowl combination. The bottom of the bottle is loosened to be used as a container for your pet so it can easily pick up water. This practical vacuum-insulated bowl is perfect for road trips, long walks and much more.

$ 4.99 From $ 3.99 at Amazon


Never get caught without a poop bag during your daily walk again. These dog bags keep bracing safe and keep the smell inside, so stock up now while on offer.

$ 39.99 $ 33.99 at Amazon


Snap this discounted bed for your mud-loving dog – it features a full-coverage inside and a machine-washable cover, meaning it can go from dirty to pristine in no time.

$ 18.99 $ 10.10 at Amazon


Even the most stubbornly stoic cats will love this fishing toy that has a motion sensor to make the fish writhe realistically. You get a bag of catnip with your order that you can insert into the toy to make it even more enticing to your cat. Easily rechargeable and infinitely entertaining, this is a great toy to soothe boredom and enrich your cat’s playtime.

$ 19.99 $ 16.14 at Amazon


Take your dog on the go with this breathable and machine washable carrier. The design of the messenger bag and the sumptuous fabrics ensure comfort for both you and your dog, whether you are hiking, commuting or something in between.

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