Alistair Wilson murder: Opposition to hotel tires could be key to Scottish banker murder, police say | UK News

The mysterious shooting of a Scottish man may have been related to his objection to a planning application, it has emerged.

Alistair Wilson, who was murdered at his home in Nairn in 2004, had registered his objection to permission for a large terrace area outside the Havelock Hotel opposite his home.

Police now believe it has implications for the investigation into his death.

Wilson was shot and killed on his doorstep on Crescent Road around 7pm on Sunday, November 28, after a man called the family home.

His wife Veronica opened the door and the man asked for her husband by name.

Mr. Wilson went down to talk to the man and was handed a blue envelope with the word “Paul” on it.

He briefly walked in and then returned to the door for the second time when he was shot dead.

Weapons police believe were used to kill Alistair Wilson, a Scottish banker who was shot at his home in Nairn in 2004. Photo: Scottish police handover
The gun police believe was used to kill Alistair Wilson. Image: Scottish Police

Detectives traveled to Canada to interview a key witness recently, appealing for the public’s help in gathering more information.

Scotland’s large investigative team has also confirmed that it now believes the answer to his murder lies in his personal life – and is not linked to his work with the Bank of Scotland.

Detective Graeme Mackie said it had been “shortly before” Mr. Wilson was assassinated that he had protested to the Moray Council over the construction of the terrace area, claiming that it was “responsible for increased noise and debris in the area”.

He said: “While we can not rule out any scenario, we believe this may have implications for our inquiries and I ask anyone with information on this issue to step forward and speak with officers.

“I would also like to appeal to everyone involved in the construction of the terrace area of ​​the Havelock Hotel in 2004 to show up.

“Through extensive investigations being conducted, we believe the answer to Alistair’s murder lies in his personal life and not in his role in the bank.

“Someone locally wants the piece of information that can be crucial in capturing his killer and providing answers to his family.”

‘Time is no obstacle to justice’

Last month, a witness reported that he saw a man in possession of a gun on East Beach in Nairn about a month before the fatal shooting after police launched an appeal. He was with another man between the ages of 40 and 60.

A description of a man they want to track down in connection with Mr. Wilson’s murder, has been changed after further review of witness reports and the timing of the events that night.

Police reveal new details about weapons used to kill Scottish banker

Detectives are now looking for a man in his mid-30s to almost 60 years. He was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and was wearing a baseball cap and jacket.

Mackie said: “We have been very clear that time is no obstacle to justice and I hope that these recent appeals will further reassure the public that we are determined to bring Alistair’s killer to justice.”

Anyone who thinks they can help the police, please contact 101 with reference to incident 515 of March 4, 2022 and Operation Sorn, or you can send an email to a dedicated inbox at

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