Alfa Romeo angrily accuses rival F1 team of ‘playing games’ due to a major problem hampering speed

Frederic Vasseur’s Alfa Romeo has been on the rise in Formula 1 so far in 2022. (Photo: Joe Portlock – Formula 1 / Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur is furious at rival Formula 1 teams ‘playing games’ with the FIA ​​in what he sees as an underhanded plot to change an important rule that affects speed.

F1 teams are subject to a minimum weight limit for their cars and drivers combined, which for 2022 was originally set at 795 kilos. Following complaints from some teams that the minimum limit was found to be too difficult to reach, this limit was reached by three kilos and some teams are asked to ask for a further increase as they struggle to gain the weight of their newly designed vehicles down. .

While some teams, including Williams, McLaren and Aston Martin, have left large areas of their cars unpainted in a desperate attempt to shave vital grams away, Alfa Romeo was one of the only teams able to reach the minimum level. weight limit easily enough before the campaign began.

Now Vasseur says the demands from other teams that the limit be raised would simply punish the hard work of his own staff and reward the failures of others.

‘Honestly, I do not understand all the comments [about raising the weight limit again] because I think it’s the goal for everyone that when you design a race car, weight is always the number one goal, ‘Vasseur said. Autosport.

‘No one can be surprised at the weight at the last minute, I think some teams played a match with the FIA ​​and expected the FIA ​​to increase the minimum weight at the last minute [even more]. ‘

Red Bull’s RB18 and Mercedes’ W13 are two cars that are believed to be unable to reach the minimum weight limit as things look, which will cost them valuable lap time compared to rivals. Vasseur insists that it was possible for all teams to reach the limit and that others who chose to prioritize aerodynamic choices over weight when developing their cars should not have a backdoor solution by the governing body now.

‘[It would be] completely unfair because during [development] project we made some decisions in terms of complexity also related to the weight and we made our choices. And you know that the F1 world is such that everyone is trying to play a game.

Valtteri Bottas has delivered a number of impressive performances for Alfa Romeo so far this season. (Photo by Peter J Fox / Getty Images)

‘It was crystal clear that the goal of weight was completely achievable, that we are capable of not being overweight. If some other teams are not on the weight limit, it is because they took some other options, perhaps with some other benefits, but with the weight limitation. ‘

Alfa Romeo has enjoyed a resurgence so far in 2022, after spending the past few seasons as a backmarker on the F1 network. The Swiss outfit is currently in fifth place in the constructors’ position, with leading rider Valtteri Bottas eighth in the leaderboard and Chinese rookie Guanyu Zhou in 16th place after scoring on his debut in Bahrain.

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