Alexandra Burke Dawn French London Palladium Pantomime – Deadline

Alexandra Burke, singer, songwriter and British X-factor winner, has signed on to play the villain in this year’s London Palladium pantomime Hans and B√łnnestagen.

Oh yes she is!

Burke joins already announced stars Dawn French, Julian Clary, Paul Zerdin, Nigel Havers and Gary Wilmot. The Panto runs on the Palladium from December 10 to January 15.

The British love their pantos at Christmas. Head of Crossroads Pantomimes, Michael Harrison has transformed the Palladium panto into a must-see event with spectacular scenery and costumes, plenty of singing and dancing combined with over the best jokes.

Last season, Burke Scheherazade- played the Spirit of the Ring in Aladdin at the Opera House, Manchester.

“This year I got Dawn as Jack’s mother and Alexandra as Mrs. Blunderbore, the giant’s wife. She’s the villain and she wants to terrorize Dawn, “Harrison told Deadline.

Harrison revealed that Burke sees Mrs. Blunderbore like having “a Cruella taste over her.”

He added: “She’s ready to be the evil one, but she’s in it for the laughs and for singing some songs.”

Harrison will write Palladium panto in collaboration with Clary and French. “I drive between the two of them until we get what we’re looking for. It’s really about the jokes. We never trust the plot too much.”

One gag is already set up.

Havers will play King Nigel. “For the first time, Nigel is royal,” Harrison explained.

“As Julian says, I hope he keeps his crown jewels to himself,” Harrison added.

One day, Harrison said he would like to take a version of Palladium panto to Broadway. “However, it would be difficult to get a theater only for Christmas. We’ll see.”

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