Al-Murr supports “powers” players before “Gulf Games”

Dubai (Union)

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Murr, president of the Athletics Federation, urged the players on our national team to show the positive spirit during the team’s expected participation in the upcoming Golf Games, which were previously postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and said that the Federation board puts all its trust in the team players to compete in spirit.The high level and strong determination that reinforces the athletic team’s honorable presence in the tournament, and benefit from the experience of participating in the tournament. presence of the best golf teams.
During his visit to the camp headquarters, Al-Murr said that the Federation’s board seeks to raise the technical level of the national teams and provide the appropriate atmosphere that paves the way for the best results in various external competitions, urging players to make maximum efforts in training, implement the directives of the technical and administrative bodies and pay attention to good nutrition To achieve the desired results from the current preparation period before participating in the Golf Championship.
He added: We have great confidence in the players on the athletics team, and we were eager, in the last period from the start of this season, to organize various tournaments and discuss best practices with clubs to strengthen the Federation’s strategy aimed at ensuring development. of the game, its prevalence and talent discovery and improve the abilities of the players and the players and we felt a strong desire from everyone. In cooperation and a joint effort for the sustainability of the programs that support the development desired by the association’s board in the coming period, on the way to achieving the national achievements and the desired goals.
Al-Murr stated that the Athletics Association appreciates all the data that helps it implement its programs and plans for the desired sports development, works with all parties to achieve the desired goals and will spare no effort to reflect the honorable image of the mother of the games, and work on anything that enhances the strong presence of the players. And the players in all external tournaments, taking into account the integration of efforts and cooperation with all partners, to ensure an honorable harvest in all external tournaments.

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