Al-Jundi magazine: Military is an honor and a sacred duty

The Ministry of Defense’s magazine “Al-Jundi” published its issue No. 580 for the month of May 2022. In its new issue, in Arabic and English, the magazine dealt with research and analysis of a number of vital topics and topics, the most important events and news related to the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.

“The word of the soldier” came under the title “Military is an honor and a sacred duty.” In which she said: “May 6 every year is one of the eternal days in the homeland. On this day in 1976, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, his soul must rest in peace, and his brothers the rulers of the Emirates took their historic and fateful decision to unite the armed forces, to be under one central leadership, one slogan and one flag, to form one of the most important pillars of the Union State and its impenetrable fortress. “

The magazine added in its speech: “Today, as we celebrate the forty-sixth anniversary of the unification of the armed forces, we feel proud and proud of the progress they have made, keeping them in line with the latest advanced global military institutions. , after making great strides in the path of development and modernization and taking a qualitative leap in all areas. Its work is rearmament, training, organization and good management. This would not have been possible without the generous care and unlimited support of the rational management.”

The new issue of “Al-Jundi” magazine monitors the most prominent political, military and security events, news of new weapons and scientific and technological developments reached by modern technologies and artificial intelligence in the military field.

The magazine dedicated its main file to the May 2022 issue to talk about “the Russo-Ukrainian war and the new military balances.”

In the section “Studies and analyzes”, the magazine “Al-Jundi” prepared a study entitled: “Friendly fire” and another study entitled: “War under water” .. Sonar, its nature, types, uses and tasks.

The magazine dedicates areas of its pages to reviewing opinions and analyzes from elite Emirati and Arab writers to talk about various topics and issues of interest to readers.

It is noteworthy that the magazine “Al Jundi” was established in 1973, and the first issue of it was published in October of the same year for the purpose of covering news and activities in the Ministry of Defense and the UAE’s armed forces.


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