“Al Hilal” and “Emirates Education” launch the Aoun Prize

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority and the Emirates Foundation for School Education launched the Aoun Award for Community Service in its tenth session, at the level of educational institutions in the country for the academic year 2022-2023.
This happened during a press conference held yesterday at the Authority’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi in the presence of Hamoud Abdullah Al-Junaibi, Secretary General of the Red Crescent, the Deputy Secretary General and Lubna Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of the Red Crescent. School Operations Sector at the Emirates Foundation for School Education, in addition to a number of officials from both sides.
The subject of the award deals with a number of humanitarian and community areas that serve important segments such as needy families, orphans, determined people and the elderly, and the adoption of other initiatives that serve society as the educational institutions compete to achieve these goals by taking initiatives that contribute to strengthening them.
Speaking at the press conference, Rashid Mubarak Al-Mansoori, Deputy Secretary-General for Local Affairs at the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, emphasized the interest of the authority’s top management in strengthening the aspect of social responsibility in all educational institutions so that the Aoun Prize finds support and assistance from officials of the authority , as it is one of the qualitative initiatives that it contributes to instilling the concepts of voluntary, humanitarian and charitable work among students, and encourages them to extend a helping hand to those in need, and qualify the student community to actively participate in humanitarian and charitable programs and activities.
He pointed out the importance of the great role that children and youth play in the renaissance and progress of countries and in leading human societies towards wider horizons of development and prosperity.
He said: The UAE has worked from the beginning to create an appropriate climate for young people to discover and develop their talents and to harness their energies for what benefits them and benefits their families, society and humanity as a whole.
Al-Mansoori emphasized that the Aoun Award for Community Service strengthens the spirit of creativity and competition among students and motivates them to pioneer volunteering and charity work. The award also contributes to deepening the concept of self-motivation and attracting students to participate in various activities.
He added: “Since last year we have been keen to expand the scope of the award to include people of determination as they are an important segment of society and the student arena and possess skills and abilities that can be used to serve humanitarian and voluntary work in general.” The Deputy Secretary General said: “Every year, the circle of participation in the activities of the award by our students expands. In the last session, 3760 male and female students participated, belonging to 201 educational institutions, including universities, schools, kindergartens and centers for determined people, and the number of their initiatives in this regard reached 829. In various areas of society and to strengthen the members of the Student Crescent and rehabilitate them, 173 training courses were conducted in which about 5042 male and female students participated at various academic levels.
At the end of his speech, Al-Mansoori expressed his thanks and appreciation to the authority’s partners in this regard, led by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, the Department of Education and Knowledge, higher education, partnership schools and universities and the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Destiny .
Lubna Al Shamsi, for her part, emphasized that the Emirates School Education Foundation attaches great importance to all voluntary initiatives aimed at community service, strengthening the Emirati student’s cognitive traits and personal skills, and documenting his connection to the heritage and authentic Emirati values ​​represented by the community in giving and extending a helping hand.
She explained that the effective partnership between the Foundation and the Red Crescent in the Aoun Prize contributes to promoting a culture of volunteerism at the state level and consolidating the fifty principles in the preservation of human dignity and the delivery of humanitarian aid, and we hope, that the students’ participation will contribute to creating innovative scientific dimensions for charitable work in the country.
She stated that the foundation is committed to increasing the number of participants in the award and has established a coordinator for volunteering in all public schools. The foundation has also worked to update the student’s guide to volunteering and is committed to encouraging parents to participate in all volunteer programs to spread the values ​​of giving and charitable and humanitarian work.
Notably, 30,000 dirhams were awarded to the first place winner at the university level, 25,000 dirhams for the second place, 20,000 dirhams for the third place, and at the school level, 25,000 dirhams were awarded to the first place, 20,000 dirhams. the second and 15,000 dirhams for the third place. For kindergarten, 15,000 dirhams were awarded for first place, 10,000 dirhams for second place, 8,000 dirhams for third place, in addition to 15,000 dirhams awarded for first place at the level of rehabilitation centers for determined people, 10,000 dirhams for second place and 8,000 dirhams for third place.

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