Ahmed Al Falasi’s Initiative | Ibrahim Al Hashemi

He is an Emirati citizen who has devoted himself and his money to serving people without regard to his gender, color, nationality and religion. In 2020, he was awarded the title of Arab Hope Maker, an annual award launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai, in 2017, to honor people for their humanitarian projects, and bears the title Arab Hope Makers.
This human feeling triggered Ahmed Al Falasi’s heart, which turned him into endless gifts and initiatives after his mother’s death due to kidney failure. He traveled to Kenya, where he experienced the suffering of many who reminded him of the suffering of his mother, which made him to renovate Mombasa Hospital and transform it into one of the most advanced facilities in the form of the Medical Center in Kenya, where he set up a dialysis ward serving 8000 patients and provided a special maternity ward with 570 beds and an incubator. , for the benefit of 17,000 newborns a month. He established a school, an orphanage and a family support fund.
Ahmed Al Falasi did not stop there at all. His love of charity, gifts and humanitarian work led him to launch a new humanitarian initiative aimed at rebuilding prosthetic limbs in the case of people affected by accidents, wars, diseases and various disabilities, in collaboration with a company specializing in this in France , which does this in the latest ways in the world through artificial intelligence and print.The limbs are three-dimensional, made with special materials, and are mounted in such a way that they contribute greatly to better utilization of the motor functions of hands and feet.
The beginning of this initiative was with an emirati girl, according to which the girl regained her ability to use the prosthesis to meet her needs more easily. With the launch of the initiative and Al Falasi’s passion for giving, he decided to spread the idea of ​​helping other people in the Arab world. He has actually received more than 200 cases, most of them due to wars and some of them injuries from birth, traffic accidents or various diseases. Al Falasi took responsibility for the cases in the country, but with regard to those outside the country, he is exploring the possibility of bringing them to the Emirates, striving for and looking forward to cooperation between charities and humanitarian agencies with him, especially in housing and maintenance. , to help him achieve this noble humanitarian goal.
I am sure there are many men and women in the Emirates like Ahmed Al Falasi who give generously and unsurpassed to give, and do good, they only want to do good and God’s satisfaction.
Greetings from the heart .. We are proud of you and the country is proud of you.

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