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Cody Rhodes and Andrade light up the place in a street fight, literally

There was no revaluation for last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite with the legendary CM Punk and MJF promo match, but if you want to listen to me tell about it, we released our weekly review of AEW Dynamite from last week, covering the show in as a whole as part of the Deep Six Wrestling Podcast! But at least, this will be a full, in-depth review of this week’s edition of Dynamite!

So sit back and enjoy this review of AEW Dynamite from December 1, 2021!


Bryan Danielson vs Alan Angels …

This served as a great start to the show, with AEW Dynamite more often than not delivering hot starts to their weekly TV shows. These Dark Order vs. Danielson matches are always fun, starting with Danielson vs. Uno, Cabana vs. Danielson last week, and now Angels vs. Danielson here, and in that regard, it’s really nice to see these guys all get a spotlight on TV against arguably one. of, if not, the best wrestler in the world, even in short fights where Danielson ultimately just runs through them. The feud between Adam Page and Danielson has really warmed up and already feels fresh as hell.

I’ve found that I’m really fallen in love with Danielson’s character work as well as lately, where it’s really come out that he’s just Danielson. proved a little more extreme. The character is a bad guy who really still believes that he is the good guy and that the fans have just changed. So far, the Danielson heel turn has been a hit for me, and I’m now extremely excited about the Winter is Coming special edition of Dynamite in two weeks, where we learned on this show that the main event will be Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Page for AEW World Championship! Thumbs up!

From there, we walked into Squidward’s future void and joined a lost Miro, who said he has been there for several weeks, noting that The Vision has arrived. God has revealed to him what is needed. The Redeemer will storm the gates of heaven. He will bring fear. These are the words of the Redeemer. And thus Miro continues to shine in this role. I expect he has one LARGE 2022 and AEW.

Lee Moriarty vs CM Punk …

In a strange twist, the first half of this match featured a completely dead audience for a CM Punk match, something that remained a problem in several parts of this show, minus the Punk part. Either way, Punk Moriarty gave a lot in this, and gave him a hell of a lot of time to shine as Lee controlled most of the fight and even had several big setbacks in the end! I came out of the mindset that Moriarty looked really, really good against Punk here and continues to shine whenever an opportunity arises.

After the fight we had another promo segment between Punk and MJF, where MJF pretty practically won this one with a line that PG Punk would sleep with Britt Baker, called him a “One Pump Chump” and then literally threatened to kill Punks dog, Larry. MJF is the most heinous character in wrestling and it is not even close. At this point, the fight between these two can happen at any time. Everyone is ready to see them fight, but I think most would like to allow them to do so MORE promos after last week’s instant classic promo match between the two. Thumbs upbut Thumb down to the weak crowd here in Atlanta!

We have a series of quick segments in a row here, starting with a backstage interview with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, who continue to plant the seeds for their bride, as well as announcing Hayter vs Riho for next week’s episode of UBS Arena on Long Island. From there, Adam Cole made his entrance and headed to the ring to pose before joining in on comments, which was followed by Orange Cassidy coming in and having a stirredown with Cole before the returning Young Bucks arrived and helped Cole with to take down Cassidy, with Chuck and Yuta running them away before the Elite could land a BTE trigger on Cassidy. Finally, we had a pre-recorded promo from 205 Live veteran Tony Nese who hyped his match against Sammy Guevara this week on the AEW Rampage.

I’m looking forward to Riho vs Hayter, and the possible Baker vs Hayter and Baker vs Rosa matches, but I do not have much else to say about it as it was a pretty quick standard promo from the women. However, it’s nice to see them put some stock in Jamie Hayter as I think she has a massive upside. The Elite (and maybe Bobby Fish) vs Best Friends got off to an interesting start? It’s certainly not the best feud going, but I expect the fights to be fun, and if it all ends with a ReDragon Reunion for Fish and a debuting Kyle O’Reilly, I’ll be happy. Eventually, as someone who actively watched 205 Live on a weekly basis from the start to the end of 2019, I’m excited to see Tony Nese get a big title fight on National TV. He’s a great talent and looks like Drew Gulak, was horribly wasted in WWE.

We also got a Wardlow squash match at the end of this, which makes it feel like he’s being built up to something final, probably a match against CM Punk before he and MJF clash, or possibly as a challenger to Adam Page in early 2022.

BEAT THE UNBEATED TEAMS! Gunn Club vs Darby and Sting …

What a time to be alive that in 2021 we see Sting fighting with Billy Gunn on National TV while Billy marks his son. Wild times! This was fine and honestly exceeded my expectations. In retrospect, it was nothing special, but I mean, Colten has to look good? One has only been fighting for less than a year and almost retained Sting on National Television, to which I would add that for a moment I really believed that Colten Gunn would give Sting his first loss in AEW. Darby is a crazy man, Sting won in Georgia, all is well. Thumb in the middle.

We had another series of segments here where Chris Jericho said he was not there to help Eddie Kingston on Rampage last week, he just wanted to kick the feces out of 2.0 and Daniel Garcia, which of course made them come in. and attack Jericho, and write him off on TV for a while while he’s with Fozzy.

Lio Rush confronted Taz in the comment box, flanked by HOOK and Powerhouse Hobbs, in a very awkward segment, thanks to the audience just not reacting to any of it. Dante Martin and Ricky Starks also showed up eventually, rejoicing over Team Taz before they were all in the third annual Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale, along with Lio Rush and MJF as the announced participants in that match.

Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling approached Thunder Rosa, who Jade is set to clash with in the semifinals of the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament, where Rosa stepped in and announced that she will make comments during Jade’s match at AEW Rampage this week, where Jade (probably) will crush one of Rosa’s students, Janai Kai.

Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander in a quarterfinal match in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament …

The biggest downside to this episode of AEW Dynamite was the audience reaction to Ruby vs Kris, a TBS tournament match that they had been hyping up for weeks with video packages between the two women, only to get to the match and hardly have the audience involved in it in the first minutes. But eventually, when they first came back from a picture-in-picture commercial break, the audience got into it. Ruby picked up the win, despite Kris having the power advantage throughout the match, and we got some really good seats here, including a combination Poisonrana + Snap Rana against the mat and a brutal Buckle Bomb from Kris to Ruby.

Source (All Elite Wrestling)

At the end of this affair, Ruby and Kris became another really strong match, joining Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb, Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose and Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter as the best matches in the tournament so far. Both women looked really good here, just a shame they did not have a warmer audience for the match. This gets one properly Thumbs up from me though, despite the amount of trouble.

After this match we got the announcements about some upcoming shows for All Elite Wrestling:

Rampage this Friday:

  • PAC and Penta vs FTR
  • Sammy vs Tony Nese for the TNT Championship
  • Jade vs Janai Kai with Thunder Rosa on comment

AEW Dynamite next week:

  • Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal
  • Jamie Hayter vs. Riho
  • Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver

Winter is coming (two weeks away):

  • Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Page for AEW World Championship
  • The finale of the Dynamite Diamond Ring

Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo in a Street Fight in Atlanta …

This was a completely insane Street Fight, with lots of weapons, ranging from water bottles, to full bins, to laptops, to tables, it was just a spectacle of the highest degree to close the show. The sledgehammer and Golden Shovel stuff was a lot on the nose, but I did not have a problem with it as it makes sense for how people so often compare Cody to HHH, even though they are actively very, very different wrestlers. Brandi Rhodes returned to goal and helped Cody by setting fire to a table to put Andrade through and I have to admit … it felt good and got a good reaction, and to see a blazing table space in 2021 like this was amazing .

I will certainly say this too; we are clearly past the “Andrade is overrated” period as this man constantly excels every time he has a fight in this company now, whether it is against PAC or Cody or with Malakai Black. You love watching it. Thumbs up!

Source (All Elite Wrestling)

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