Aespa’s debut live performance on Coachella catches attention

Article: “aespas Coachella live performance”

Source: Hang

Winter did well, but Ning Ning’s singing style is … completely different.

  1. [+294, -58] The voice of winter is a treasure
  2. [+261, -43] Winter is pretty good for singing ..,
  3. [+240, -120] Their live performance was just regular … there was no aura at all
  4. [+207, -44] I honestly do not understand why Ning Ning is called ‘main vocal’ .. all she did was scream
  5. [+185, -17] Do they seriously call what Giselle did “rap”? ㅋㅋㅋ All she did was shout? She just kept screaming, she had no rhythm, it was a disgrace ..
  6. [+147, -11] Who are the kids who keep saying Giselle did well? They are a popular group, but are seriously terrible at rap
  7. [+141, -13] Jennie is a better rapper …
  8. [+122, -23] Are they serious about it ..? ㅋ
  9. [+112, -22] Ah ~ aespa fans are seriously pathetic for complimenting them on that achievement and saying they did a great job … please just stick to Korea 개 ㅡ 개 they were a total disgrace.
  10. [+99, -10] Why do they keep trying to get into the United States? Aigoo, it’s really not going to work at all ㅋㅋ
  11. [+84, -8] Only one word can describe aespas Coachella live: Lower level. The Blackpinks scene was better.

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