Aespa performs live at Coachella

Article: Aespa sings ‘Next Level’ live on Coachella

Source: Idol Edition via Instagram

1. [+150] Yes, please make them sing live more ..

2. [+112] They sent Coachella to Kwangya ~~~ !!! Lee Soo Man ajusshi got what he wanted .. then we can have an Aespa mini concert .. or maybe our own cheer sticks ..

3. [+25] Winter’s live song sounded most stable

4. [+4] They were such a mood .. I wish they had a live band playing instead 😶 this is a festival, not a concert after all

5. [+2] Giselle had the shortest training period, but why is she so good

6. [+9] Everyone, Aespa sang live !!!

7. [+60] They really revived the scene !!! Their live was amazing! I can not wait for their comeback ㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+5] They looked cool

9. [+5] Jjangspa, their live was really good🤭❤️

10. [+1] Impressed with Giselle ~

11. [+5] Good work Ningning

12. [+4] Think the haters can not say they can not sing live now, what should they do ㅠㅠ

13. [+29] I’m guessing that an SM idol is an SM idol after all … even after all the controversy about lip-syncing on music shows, their live song is still really good

14. [+1] I thought they sounded a little unstable, but everyone seems to think they did well

15. [+11] Honestly, their live was a bit ..

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