Adrien Brody has boarded Rian Johnson’s Peacock Series Poker Face

Brody and Johnson have previously worked harder on “The Brothers Bloom,” the 2008 drama hijacker in which Brody and Mark Ruffalo play two swindler brothers who get more than they expected when they try to cheat an eccentric, banjo-shimmering heir (Rachel) Weisz). It’s the least known of Johnson’s feature films as a director, which has flopped at the box office and received far more mixed reviews than his breakout hit “Brick” or the films he has made since. Of course, none of this is to say that it’s a misfire or even Johnson-lite as far as his film goes. If anything, Brody and Johnson’s reunion on “Poker Face” deserves to give “The Brothers Bloom” a first look or a reunion for those who haven’t seen it in a while.

As with “Brick,” “The Brothers Bloom,” and “Knives Out,” “Poker Face” has the early reasons for yet another fun love letter to a genre that Johnson clearly loves. The filmmaker was far from a stranger to directing television, but directed a trio of episodes on “Breaking Bad,” including the very famous “Ozymandias,” as well as an episode of the short-lived but critically acclaimed crime-comedy series “Terriers.” his Peacock show challenge Johnson to tell a long story he has never done before.Tell me among those eager to see how he handles the task.

“Poker Face” has not yet set a release date for Peacock.

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