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Marvel Studios’ Blade has been the most patiently developed film in Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4. The Vampire Hunter’s reboot was announced with pomp and circumstance at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019, when Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige welcomed two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali to The Hall H scene, which “closed” the panel by confirming its status as MCU’s Eric Brooks.

Talk on Blade remained dormant through most of 2020, but things made significant progress in the latter half of 2021. Marvel broke through Mogul Mowgli director Bassam Tariq to lead the project a few months before Blade would make his unofficial debut in Eternal. From there, Eternal co-star Kit Harington has been rumored to be joining Blade cast while Da Fem Blod standout Delroy Lindo has officially joined the ensemble.

With almost two more weeks Blade production begins, has a new notable name signed on the film.

Magazines add Milan Ray to Mahershala Ali-led cast

Milan Ray
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According to The Direct’s sources, Milan Ray has been cast as a key figure in Marvel Studios’ Blade. Details of Ray’s role that have not been confirmed by Disney and Marvel are kept secret.

The 14-year-old Ray joins the currently small cast, which includes only Mahershala Ali, Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre (Krypton) at this stage.

Milan Ray Brings Canceled Marvel Comics Character to MCU?

Fallon Gray Marvel

Considering Milan Ray’s age, there are indications that she’s dressing as Fallon Gray, daughter of Blade. On the page, Gray was written as a 16-year-old popular girl from Oregon whose life is turned upside down when she discovers her vampire hunter lineage, bringing her on a monster hunting adventure with her long-gone father.

This character was announced as the focal point of a new Marvel Comics series during San Diego Comic-Con 2015, but it would never come to print. Many criticized the fact that an all-white male creative team was set to tell Grey’s story. That setback led writer Tim Seeley and artist Logan Faerber to leave the project, where Marvel Comics eventually ran away with the race shortly after. Instead of letting the character stand on the floor of the rocking room completely, Marvel Studios can watch its live action Blade restart as the site to finally bring Fallon Gray to life.

Blade the Hunter Cover

Further proof of Ray’s role lies in a project that the leading man Mahershala Ali rejected. It was reported in February 2021 that the acclaimed actor was offered the lead role in HBO’s The last of usa TV adaptation of the popular video game from 2013. That game follows the duo of Joel and his surrogate daughter, Ellie, as they navigate a zombie-ruled post-apocalyptic world.

Ali’s decision to pass on The last of us may lie in the fact that its history is too reminiscent of what Marvel Studios had planned Blade. Yes, zombies and vampires are different beasts, but they are cut from the same substance. Mix in a father-daughter relationship as the focal point of that story, and it’s clear that the two upcoming projects have many striking similarities.

Blade production begins later this year and is currently without a release date.

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