Abu Dhabi Police: Protecting our children is a social responsibility

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Abu Dhabi Police organized its fourth Ramadan Council for the year 2022 entitled “Protecting our Children … a Social Responsibility” within the sixth session of the Ramadan Councils, under the slogan “Abu Dhabi Police .. Security, Stability and Advanced Community Services “, which is organized by the Community Police Department in coordination and cooperation with the Women’s Police Affairs Office Abu Dhabi Police.
The council was held virtually through the “Teems” application, and the first axis dealt with social intelligence in the UAE community, where Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Maryam Mohammed Al Balushi from Saif bin Zayed Academy of Policing and Security Sciences spoke.
The session was moderated by Assistant Chief Hamid Abdullah Al Muzaini, Researcher in the Police Legacy Department of the Department of Protocol and Public Relations, and stressed the importance of Ramadan Councils in achieving results on the most prominent social and security issues and raising community awareness of best methods of confronting them.
Major Muhammad Suleiman Al-Shehhi, from the Department of Social Support Centers, reviewed the highlights of Act No. 3 of 2016 regarding the Wadeema Child Rights Act, which assessed the child’s interest in securing his or her fundamental rights such as family and cultural rights, protection, procedures and measures , which guarantees his physical and mental health The psychological and moral aspects, not deliberately harm him, taking into account the psychological aspects since his birth, and protect him from all manifestations of neglect and exploitation.
Commenting on the administration’s efforts in the community service and emphasizing the interest in dealing with adversely affected cases, the most important of which are electronic piracy, extortion, electronic threats and others, he noted the importance of building trust in the family and strengthening the effectiveness of Father and mother together so that together they can lead the family successfully.
Major Ghaida Ali Abdullah, of the Directorate of Forensic Investigations and Investigations, stressed the importance of protecting children in the virtual world from the dangers of scammers and scammers via the Internet and teaching them how to protect their accounts from hacking, and sets another secret. code for each account and do not download any files without scanning them from viruses. Captain Yaqoub Yousef Al Hammadi, from the Directorate of Forensic Investigations and Investigations, spoke about methods to protect children from the dangers of the Internet, referring to the efforts of Abu Dhabi Police through a number of its departments and sections dealing with children, including the Department of Combating Child Abuse Crime in its various departments, which deal with all crimes committed against children.Care children seriously and determinedly by taking the necessary measures.
He reviewed the risks that children face when using the Internet, such as bullying, luring aggressors, displaying inappropriate content, loss of control over personal data and dependence on the Internet, technical risks related to computers “piracy, viruses, information theft … and others, ”and notes the role of parents in protecting children from dangers.
He presented 20 steps to help protect children from the dangers of the Internet, including: educating the child and talking to him about the benefits and risks of the Internet as a result of abuse, instructing the child not to share his personal data with others and informing him that not everything published on the internet is true and reliable.

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