“Abu Dhabi Navy” and “Dalma Co-operative” support “Historic Dalma Race Festival”

Mustafa Al Deeb (Abu Dhabi)

Sponsors and partners are one of the key factors in the success of the historic Dalma Race Festival in its four and previous editions, and national institutions and companies continue their journey with the great event of this edition, as do Abu Dhabi Maritime and Delma The Co-operative Society provides important logistical support on site by setting all requirements for success from ferries Let’s accept tenants, as well as provide barges and equipment for everything related to the race, meaning the importance of partnership with these two major national institutions.
Each of them’s role is considered to be a pioneer in the festival in general and the race in particular, and there is always complete coordination between them and the race’s top committee to move forward on the road to success and the end of the event in a way that fits it, and its position as the largest race in the history of marine heritage races in terms of distance, number of participants as well as the value of the prizes estimated at 25 million dirhams.
The historic Dalma Race Festival is held under the generous patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the ruler of the Al Dhafra region, and is organized by the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, and the Cultural and Heritage Programs and Festivals Management Committee in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

Saif Al Muhairi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Marine, for his part expressed his great joy at the sponsorship and support of the Fifth Dalma Race Festival and stressed that presence and work in this great cultural heritage forum is an authentic national duty, especially as it is a holiday for people with maritime heritage.He said: Our heritage is part of our identity, and based on this, the starting point is Abu Dhabi Maritime is keen to be present at such major events to play its societal role as an authentic national institution, and stressed , that everyone will provide all kinds of support, especially at the logistical level, for the success of the festival and its emergence in the image that impressed everyone in the last four editions.
Al Muhairi thanked His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the ruler of the Al Dhafra region, for his generous patronage of the festival and stressed that His Highness patronage doubled the value of any event and is the greatest incentive for sailors to be present and participate, and he hoped that success would be allied to all in the race, pointing out that there is no loser at all and that participation in itself is a gain.
On the other hand, Mohammed Amer Al Hammadi, CEO – Member of the Board of Delma Cooperative Society, said: region for his sponsorship of this maritime heritage festival, which has become a hallmark of Delma Island. Historically, pointing out that it is a feature on the map of maritime cultural heritage festivals, a link between generations, an opportunity to revive the heritage and immortalize it in memory and to strengthen the national spirit of the younger generations, as well as highlight the island of Dalma and a series of Emirati islands in the Al Dhafra region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He added: “There is no doubt that the association is an important strategic partner for the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club in many of the events that the club holds, whether it is in this festival or other marine sporting events that contribute to dissemination and revitalize the sports and marine movement on the island of Dalma and serve the marine sports activities on the island since the first A copy of this festival and the association presents all aspects of the collaboration, and has made use of all its facilities from the mall, supermarket, motel and seaport, as well as other services and full logistical support for the festival, in addition to the hotel services provided by the association at its “Dalma Motel” on the island, and he hoped to continue the successes.Great for this great cultural heritage event.

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