“Abu Dhabi License”: Our services will continue under Eid Al-Fitr

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Abu Dhabi police announced the continuity of working hours in the service centers of the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Directorate in the Central Operations Sector during the Eid Al Fitr holiday.
The working hours of the light technical inspection stations were set as follows: Safety Building – Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Safety Building (Falaj Hazaa) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and from 14.00 to 22.00 the second and third day. holiday by Eid al-Fitr, in both the Al Bateen Safety Building in Al Ain and the Safety Building (Car World) in Abu Dhabi, and Madinat Zayed – Al Dhafra.
And in the heavy technical inspection stations, which include Mussafah-Aman in Abu Dhabi, Mazyad-Aman in Al-Ain and Bida Zayed-Aman in Al-Dhafra, working hours are from 10am to 10pm on the second and third holidays of Eid Al Fitr.
It also set working hours in Tarish offices, insurance offices and number factories, which include the security building – Abu Dhabi and the Auto World Center – Al Shamkha from 1 p.m. 14:00 to 19.00 on the second and third public holiday in Eid.

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