Abu Dhabi issues two circulars regarding lenses that affect test results

Abu Dhabi: Abdul Rahman Saeed

The Ministry of Health in Abu Dhabi has issued two circulars to all pharmaceutical facilities, healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals regarding the safety of the veritor plus analyzers manufactured by BD, and regarding the Cobas Instrument 5800 manufactured by Roche Diagnostrics in the Middle East, where the lenses of the product showed deposits on their surface that affects the signal in the detection unit and can therefore affect the results of the analysis.

In the circular titled “Safety notice for Cobas instrument 5800”, the department drew attention to the safety notice issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection regarding the cobas instrument 5800, where the warning is due to the possibility of obtaining false and false positive results due to the irregular base value of the device. cobas 5800.

The department requested immediate action to contact the local agent when there are false or incorrect positive results with the cobas 5800 system tests and to report the occurrence of any adverse reactions resulting from the use of medicinal products to the pharmacovigilance program through the electronic reporting system.

On the other hand, the department warned about the safety of the medical device veritor plus analyzers, based on the decision of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and after the manufacturer’s decision to update the safety warning from a product recall warning to non-expired analyzers within the expiration date .

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