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Abu Dhabi Customs is celebrating the day of intellectual property

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The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs, represented by the Department of Policies and Management, in collaboration with the Department of Corporate Communications and Customer Pleasure, organized the activities during the week of intellectual property, which was launched on April 18 under the slogan “Intellectual Property”. and Youth: Innovation for a Better Future ”, which coincides with World Intellectual Property Day, which falls on April 26 each year.

Abu Dhabi Customs ‘organization of Intellectual Property Week comes in an effort to stimulate and enable innovation and protect creators’ rights in various areas. It organized 4 virtual workshops for administration staff in collaboration with 10 trademark owners, with the aim of distinguishing between original and counterfeit goods and realize the risks of using these products for the individual and society as a whole.

For the sake of consumer protection and the fight against commercial fraud, the Department of Politics and Governance, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, organized a virtual training workshop entitled “Intellectual Property Rights and Consumer Protection.” A virtual session for customs innovators was also held. officials to present their experiences and innovative and creative ideas, and the role of the administration in embracing their ideas and applying them in practice. . intellectual property.


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