Abu Dhabi allows 1,200 activities to be licensed without requiring a lease

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The Abu Dhabi Business Center, affiliated with the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi, has announced that 1,200 of the total economic activities it licenses have been exempted from the requirement to submit a lease for the workplace during the first year, which part of its commitment to improving the business environment and ensuring that it is easy to set up and run a business.

This step will encourage entrepreneurship in the emirate by facilitating procedures and reducing fees, as well as giving investors more time to choose the best locations for their business headquarters, enabling them to focus on business and achieve success. The economic activities covered by this initiative represent 29.5% of the total activities approved by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, which numbered 4,062 at the end of last year.

The new initiative of the “Abu Dhabi Economy” is in line with the vision of His Excellency Muhammad Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi, Chairman of the Department of Economic Development, regarding the regulation of practices for activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and allows exceptions by some companies from the state of the site according to the activities they carry out, and this exception applies to the condition of the lease for a period of one year, provided that the situation changes upon renewal of the license or before.

The recent period has witnessed the launch of a number of initiatives in this context, such as reducing licensing fees by more than 94% and reducing licensing requirements in collaboration with 26 federal and local government bodies by more than 94%. 71%, a step that was welcomed and business interest.

The increase in the number of new commercial licenses by 21.5% and the growth in renewed licenses by 15.8% over the past year reflects the attractiveness of the business sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The various initiatives launched by Abu Dhabi in the last period helped to accelerate the recovery of the emirate’s economy from the aftermath of the Covid – 19 pandemic, which is reflected in Abu Dhabi’s economic performance as the growth rate of gross domestic product increased by 1.9%. in the year 2021, while growth in the non-oil sectors reached 4.1%. The sectors adversely affected by the pandemic recovered at rates above 15%.

Mohammed Munif Al Mansouri, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Business Center, said: “This new initiative is a confirmation of the Abu Dhabi economy’s approach to improving the business system and its continued efforts to enable entrepreneurs to take advantage of the growth opportunities offered. by the emirate’s economy. ”

He added: “We are constantly communicating with workers in the sector and conducting research to find market requirements and work to meet them. Giving investors the opportunity to issue licenses without presenting a lease to the workplace reflects our positive interplay with current needs We have selected the activities that can be issued without licenses.Requires a lease for the workplace based on a study of the nature of the activities and their requirements, and we continue our efforts to facilitate business start-up and support those who want to start projects that increase the vitality of the commercial movement in Abu Dhabi. “

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