Abortion protests held across the country on Mother’s Day

NEW YORK – There were widespread demonstrations over the weekend over the future of abortion in this country.

As CBS2’s Kevin Rincon reported Sunday, they were held back as Republicans offered their support for the draft Supreme Court opinion that could overthrow Roe v. Wade.

Across New York, there were rallies in support of abortion rights.

“I’m worried about young women who do not yet know what can happen when they are in a very difficult situation,” one person said.

“I remember the bad old days when women had to see the prospect of having an illegal and very dangerous abortion,” said another.

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At St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the fear of demonstrations there led to an increased police presence during the day.

Over the weekend, protesters made their way to the houses of at least two Supreme Court justices.

Hundreds marched through the suburbs of Washington DC, through the streets of Chevy Chase, Maryland frustrated. They went home to Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts.

“It’s a situation with so much effort that if it’s a little noisy in the neighborhood, compared to what women in this country face, it’s not a big deal,” said Emily Ewers, a Chevy Chase resident.

At Sunday’s talk shows, Republicans offered their support for the potential end to Roe v. Wade, adding that the issue should be decided by states.

“The abortion debate will not go away in the country. It will be decided by the people, not a handful of judges,” said South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

“I would … only want to support legislation in South Carolina that had exceptions for rape and incest and the life of the mother,” the rep added. Nancy Mace.

Meanwhile, about a hundred people showed up in Brooklyn earlier for a demonstration in support of abortion rights. They said the fear is not so much what would happen in the city, but what could happen in other parts of the country.

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