Aaron Rodgers shows off his mysterious new arm tattoo

Note Green Bay Packers fans, astrologers and tattoo lovers worldwide: Aaron Rodgers has got some new ink.

The four-time NFL MVP revealed his new design on his Instagram account on Wednesday. The tattoo, by Hungarian artist Balazs Bercsenyi, is unusually detailed and full of various astrological designs.

“There is a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely every element of this work of art, and I will share a little more about it one day,” Rodgers said in his Instagram text.

From what we can see from the design, several elements appear to relate to astrological symbols. At the top are Sagittarius’ zodiac signs (Rodgers is himself a Sagittarius who was born on December 2, 1983) and two lions that could think of Leo’s signs. A single open eye adds an aura of mystery to it all, among several constellations. The signs of Aquarius and Scorpio are also present.

This season will be Rodgers’ 18th in the NFL, all spent with the group. He has only gotten better with age as he comes from back-to-back MVPs at his age 37 and 38 seasons.

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