A young man refuses to return the 58,000 dirhams he borrowed from a girl

Abu Dhabi Court of Family and Civil and Administrative Claims decided to force a young man to pay a girl 57,933 dirhams, which she transferred to him as a loan, and he refused to return it, claiming it was a gift from her to help. Hi m.

In detail, a girl filed a lawsuit in which she demanded that a young man be ordered to pay her an amount of 57,933 dirhams, with the legal interest of 12%, and to oblige him to pay fees and expenses, noting that she lent the young man the amount at intervals, but he did not return it to her, and attached pictures of bank statements.

During the proceedings the young man confirmed that the girl transferred the amount to him in installments and it was not for a loan, explaining that he was in financial difficulties and he complained to her by virtue of the relationship between them , his faltering financial condition, so she offered to help him out of his financial distress, and that he first refused, and explained. She told her that he could not return this amount, so she assured him that her help was to him as a gift and not as a loan, and she transferred that amount to him.

While the girl denied the young man’s words, emphasizing that the defendant admitted to having received the sums of money from her without presenting a document supporting his statements about the gift, she sought a decision on her requests in her lawsuit.

In the order, the court confirmed that it was lawfully established that the creditor must prove his right and the debtor has the right to refuse it, noting that the defendant has not denied that the plaintiff transferred the amount in question to him in installments. he also did not provide proof of the correctness of his defense that this amount was not on the way of the loan, but it is a donation from the complainant to him, and he did not ask the court to conduct an investigation to prove it, and then his defense came without a document and the court can only convict the plaintiff with her request because it is based on a valid document and the court decided to oblige the defendant to execute the plaintiff An amount of 57,933 dirhams, and obliged the defendant to pay court fees and expenses.

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