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A surprisingly accurate chart compares Scarlet Witch to a Pokémon

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness so Wanda Maximoff assumes its final form (for now). It has been a long and painful road through MCU for Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda. Wherever she goes, tragedy follows and she has been forced to make some really stomach-churning decisions since Age of Ultron.

After all she’s been through, it’s not surprising Multiverse of madness sees her embrace her terrible fate as the almighty Scarlet Witch. This came complete with some cool new duds, which made some fans look back on the evolution of her costume and compare it to a rather unlikely franchise.

Yes, Scarlet Witch seems to be Wanda’s latest development. Maybe Vision should have kept her away from that jar of rare candy …

Other fans have noticed other Pokémon parallels:

It’s also fun to see the evolution of Wanda’s outfit in these photos, where her last still retains some of the same design elements that we saw far back in the past.

Multiverse of madness apparently ended up with Wanda choosing to sacrifice herself after realizing how much of a monster she had become, though many fans have pointed out that since we actually never see her body, she could still come back.

We suspect she will do so at some point, though the whole thing of “turning into a murderous monster and trying to destroy the multiverse” probably means they will have other thoughts about reloading her in Avengers. Plus, her chances of getting on that packed lunch are now virtually zero.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is now in the cinema.

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