A government survey to monitor the future needs of the labor market

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmanan Al-Awar, confirmed that the ministry has conducted a comprehensive study of the future needs of the labor market with the aim of supporting partners and guiding them in employment and qualifying Emirati cadres in the private sector, based on the study’s output, and notes , that the study illustrates the needs of the future human resources include Emirati cadres, competencies, capacities and skills that meet the supply needs of professional and specialized jobs provided by private sector companies.

The minister said in a video presentation he held during the 12th session of the third ordinary session of the 17th term of the Federal National Council, which was held recently, that “the study focused on the vital economic sectors where job opportunities were predicted, in addition to the most important specialized industries with a growth rate. ” The results showed that there are a number of vital economic sectors that will experience growth in the coming years, such as the trade, business services and industry sectors, which will greatly help to know the professions required for the labor market. ”

He added, “Based on the actual data obtained from the (Nafis) platform, most of the citizens seeking work are within an age group of less than 30 years, as this age group represents 80% of the citizens seeking work. . ” emphasizes that the initiatives of “Nafis” do not differentiate between its recipients based on level of education or age group, as it seeks to achieve opportunities for all and all can benefit from the decisions made.

The Minister stressed that “Nafis” initiatives include many opportunities and can accommodate all ages and can also rehabilitate jobseekers and provide them with opportunities such as the “Kafaat” program, which enhances these skills with professional certificates and professionally required specializations.

He pointed out that all the goals and plans that are worked to achieve through these initiatives are based on periodic surveys conducted by the ministry in collaboration with educational institutions and educational councils, and where coordination with colleagues in i.a. economic sectors, where the size of production, the progress of economic sectors and the quality of the economy are extrapolated. Jobs provided by the labor market and all this information is based on policy development.

According to a report prepared by the Ministry, the indicators of global competitiveness related to the labor market in the UAE showed that the United Arab Emirates ranked first in five indicators, which are: “Senior specialized leaders, lack of labor disputes, redundancy costs, skilled labor and state to attract talent. ” The country finished second in eight indicators.

4 labor market indicators

A report by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization identified four indicators of the labor market in the country, the first of which is the increase in the number of private sector labor force in 2022 by 8.5% compared to the same period in 2021, which amounted to 1.5% , while the second indicator is the growth of skilled workers in the private sector, which accounted for 7.6% of total employment, where citizens are concentrated in skilled jobs within the higher professional levels from one to five. with a share of 97% of citizens working in the private sector.

The third indicator concerned an increase in the wages of nationals of skilled workers by an average of about 14 thousand dirhams, viz. an increase of 40% in relation to the average wage for skilled workers in the labor market compared with the average wage for skilled workers. workers in the labor market, which is estimated at more than 10 thousand dirhams, while the indicator was related to the latter has increased by 5% of enterprises and enterprises registered with the Ministry since the beginning of this year.


“Access to a life’s job is not easy … and maintaining it is harder” is a practical equation that requires hard work to pass. It begins with academic diligence, followed by self-professional development, then search, rejection, and acceptance until one reaches the desired career dream.

In terms of its societal role, “Emirates Today” seeks through this weekly page to share with young people the goal of seeking work, the dreams of a lifetime job and the reality of the state’s plan to locate its young cadres in the public and private sectors.

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