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A boy of four takes his mother’s car keys and goes for a ride in his pajamas

The boy is being looked after by the police after driving the car

The boy was christened the ‘new Max Verstappen’ after the Dutch Formula 1 driver (Photo: @politie_utrechtnoord)

Drivers are warned to keep their car keys away from easy access for burglars.

But maybe they should also think about people who are already in the house …?

It’s a lesson a mother learned after her son helped himself to her car keys and took her car for a ride.

The unnamed four-year-old managed to unlock the vehicle, get in and then take it for a ride – all wearing his pajamas.

Unfortunately, he was not quite ready to pass his test yet, and drove into two parked cars in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on April 30th.

Startled, he then left the vehicle and set off on his bare feet, where he was later seen by a worried passerby who called police.

The officers picked him up and took him to the police station, where they gave him a hot chocolate and a teddy bear while they checked if he was okay and tried to find out who his parents were.

(Photo: @politie_utrechtnoord)

Police found the boy walking barefoot after leaving the car (Photo: @politie_utrechtnoord)

The boy is being looked after at the police station (

The boy being looked after at the police station (Photo: @politie_utrechtnoord)

He was given a teddy bear to comfort him in an unfamiliar situation

He got a teddy bear to comfort him in an unknown situation (Photo: @politie_utrechtnoord)

They joined the dots after receiving a report of an abandoned crashed car that was registered to his mother.

A police post on Instagram described how he, while talking on the phone to his mother, ‘had gestured a collision with his hands and made a steering wheel movement.’

It continued: ‘This gave us a suspicion that the child might have been driving.’

They explained: ‘By the car, we asked if the child could show how the car worked.

‘The child opened the car with the key and put the key in the ignition. He started the car, moved his left foot to the clutch and hit the throttle.

‘So what seemed to have happened is when the child’s father went to work, the child woke up and grabbed the car key to drive a ride.’

Fortunately, they saw the funny side – with the police naming the four-year-old ‘new Max Verstappen’ after the Dutch Formula 1 driver.

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