7 years with the program “In Rehab Surat”

The Sharjah Arabic Language Academy, in collaboration with the Sharjah Private Education Authority, organized the second meeting of the monthly “Linguistic Council” activities entitled “Reflective Pauses with the Quran’s Opinion. Sharjah Radio and Television, Mohammed Hassan Khalaf, and the complex’s Secretary General, Dr. Mhamed Safi Al Mosteghanemi, in the presence of a group of academics and intellectuals, a number of university students and the public.

Regarding the emergence and development of the idea of ​​the program “In Rehab Surah”, the participants of the session explained that it began in 2015, and the program is still in progress with a total of almost 400 episodes, which over the course of about seven years , dealt with stations in eloquence of the Qur’anic statement, and features on the consistency, proportionality, and characteristics of the suras, and the functions and characteristics of each sura.

Muhammad Khalaf explained that the idea for the program started with a study of a range of ideas received by the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority from the public, educated elites and academics interested in cultural and cognitive affairs. And the audience’s urgent need to explore the realities of the subtle meanings, and the explanatory subtleties that enrich viewers’ knowledge, with one of the most important and noble sciences.

Dr. Al-Mostaghanemi, for his part, said that “the program relies on a clear philosophy based on presenting a contemplative vision of the Holy Qur’anic suras and with the large number of programs dealing with the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an, the program was keen to provide an accurate and appropriate definition of the Quranic Sura. “

He stressed the importance of the interpreters of the verses of the Holy Book being armed with the tools of language and knowledge of the sciences of the noble Qur’an, and of the claim of renewal and interpretation of enlightenment without having the means and machine sciences in terms of grammar, morphology and rhetoric, in addition to the sciences of the Noble Qur’an in general, which qualifies its owner to write or speak about the interpretation of the verses of the Noble Qur’an, is a major error in the right of the scientific method based on knowledge and studies based on proper scientific basis, emphasizing that enlightenment and renewal are finding modern ways and means to understand the Qur’anic text and benefit from it, not in creating an understanding that contradicts the foundations of the Arabic language in which the Holy Qur’an was revealed.

Safi Al-Mostaghanmi: “To claim a renewal and enlightening interpretation without having the means to qualify its owner is a big mistake.”

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