7 technical gems that make life easier and save you time

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Our daily devices make life easier, but they can be very time consuming.

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Doesn’t it feel good to save time? Continue. Here are seven smart ways technology can help you streamline your life.

Measure your heart rate with your phone

You do not need a smartwatch to measure your heart rate. Cardiio: Heart rate monitor is an iPhone app that uses your phone’s camera to measure your heart rate. Place your index finger on the camera at the back and the app measures your heart rate by detecting color changes. Make sure to keep your phone quiet and still. It also works with iPads.

For Android, Heart rate monitor works the same way. Cover the camera on the back, keep still, and you get a read.

Just remember, apps like this are not a substitute for seeing a doctor or talking to your doctor if you are not feeling well.

For more smart smartphones, check out this amazing list I use 10 iPhone tricks every day, and so do you.

Get more legroom on your next flight

Google Flights is great for figuring out the best and cheapest way to get from point A to point B. But wouldn’t it also be great to know if you’re going to be sitting in a small seat all the time?

Get called the Chrome browser extension Legroom for Google Flights. When you use Google Flights, you can also see how much legroom there is per. seat on the flight you have selected.

Another solid option is SeatGuru.com. Enter your airline and flight number and you will see a map of the best seats with the most legroom, no download required.

On the way soon? Here are 10 travel tips that even experienced travelers can benefit from.

Airline cabin.

Send to all your social media accounts at once

Social media is fun, but it can also be a lot of work. You can spend way too much time making the right tweet, the right Facebook post, an Instagram photo, so… yes, you know.

Here’s a secret that influencers and marketers have known for years: Social media planning apps streamline the process. You can draft a post with text, images or anything else your heart desires. Then select the time you want the post to go up. You can also create different versions for each social media network.

I like Buffer because it has a free option. You can manage up to three social media channels at no cost. If you run a small business or have multiple channels to manage, paid plans start at $ 60 a year.

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4. Track your tax refund online

Do you expect your tax refund by mail? Here’s an insider secret to getting the post office to send you an email with pictures of your mail.

Your first stop is on the USPS website, USPS.com.

Here you will see an opportunity to sign up for informed delivery. This free service sends private and mailbox customers grayscale images of mail arriving that day.

These photos include the front of the envelope, so your envelope will show the IRS as the sender if it is your tax refund.

With Informed Delivery, you can also manage any packages that arrive, leave delivery instructions or reschedule a delivery.

Pro tip: The photos sent via USPS only show you the first 10 pieces of your mail for that day. To see the rest, log in to your USPS.com account or skip the email altogether and use the free USPS app. Download for Android here or get it for iPhone here.

A truck carrying more than 100 packages in Maryland was hijacked by five suspects Thursday morning.  The packages were unloaded and the two courier drivers were unharmed, the authorities say.

A truck carrying more than 100 packages in Maryland was hijacked by five suspects Thursday morning. The packages were unloaded and the two courier drivers were unharmed, the authorities say.

5. Sell your stuff without meeting in a parking lot

Craigslist was the best way to sell your old stuff online back then. These days, there are many more options.

You can use Decluttr to sell technical gadgets such as old phones, computers, tablets and smart home gear. There is no need to create a listing, write a description, upload photos or negotiate with buyers. Simply upload information about the devices you want to sell and you will get a quote.

You do not need to dig out the old charger, original box or accessories. The price you are offered is for the device only. The payout is also pretty good. Click or click for a direct link and a review of how to sell on Decluttr.

For local sales, skip farm sales and write your stuff quickly on OfferUp. The app is free to use and you can send messages to others so you do not have to provide your phone number or email address. If you want to expand your range, OfferUp lets you sell nationwide. For a local sale, money changes hands personally. For items shipped, paid via the app.

Tap or click to download links to OfferUp along with five other Craigslist alternatives.

6. Hide your email address

One of the best ways to stop the constant flow of email spam is not to use your primary email address to shop online, newsletters and request information.

A hidden trick when using Gmail is to create unique email addresses whenever you need one. Just use your primary Gmail email address and put a plus sign after your name and add a word where you sign up. Say your email address is bob@gmail.com. When you sign up my free email newsletteryou can create an instant email address that is bob+komandonewsletters@gmail.com.

Yahoo will let you create a one-time address in your settings.

Using Apple’s iCloud, you can have three different email addresses. But if you pay for iCloud, you can hide your email wherever you want.

7. Get all your emails delivered in one place

Speaking of email, yours is probably spread across multiple devices. When sending, receiving, or deleting an email on one device, it’s important to keep this workflow consistent across others as well. That way, you do not miss important messages or confuse others.

To set up syncing across all your devices, go to your Gmail site on your desktop and click:

  • click on gear icon and click Settings.
  • choose Forwarding and POP / IMAP fanen.
  • Under IMAP access, enable pop-up for all mail, Enable IMAP.
  • Scroll down and select Save Changes.

You will find a link to configure retrieval of mail via other platforms in the same menu. This is important when trying to access your account through third parties such as Thunderbird or the original Mail app on an iPhone. It’s much easier to configure using the official Gmail app.

If you use Microsoft Outlook at work and the mailbox you want to sync is on your company’s Exchange server, it’s best to take the devices to your IT department. They can give you the domain name and other information you need to set up your mailbox on other devices.

Does the inbox feel cluttered? Here are five must-do cleanups for your email inbox, network and gadgets.

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