6 Fall Getaways for Art Lovers, According to Art World Insiders

FOR JOY art lovers around the country, this fall promises to be much livelier than last year, with dozens more museums fully open and long-delayed exhibitions finally unfolding. But as coronavirus cases tick up again and restrictions intensify in some cities, elbow appeals its way through a crowded gallery at one of the country’s largest art institutions far less than usual. The solution? Seek out a less popular art site with its own cachet. Even better, make it a pilgrimage and build a tour around the company. After so many months deprived of both art and travel, what finer way to celebrate their return? For travel inspiration, we asked five notables from the art world to share collections and house museums that are worth traveling for.

Claude Monet Funds | Giverny, France

The house and gardens in the countryside of Normandy, where the artist lived and painted for 43 years

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