5 ways to discover new online giveaways

It can be a little confusing to know where to start when it comes to participating in awards ceremonies.

In fact, most people will only enter a contest when they encounter it naturally, perhaps in their newspaper or while listening to the radio.

But if you know where to go and how to find them, participating in a wide range of competitions can mean an increased chance of winning something – and that’s the goal, right?

We have put together some best tips to get you on your way to finding the best prize giveaways.

Set up your social media presence

A great way to find new and exciting online giveaways is to use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Brands and companies will often use these channels to promote contests and giveaways, which usually requires a simple “like, share, tag” system. If you are serious about serial comping, a tip would be to create specific accounts only for contests. This way you can keep your personal profiles separate and avoid too much spam after entering. There are also many competition providers that have pages on social media that give you quick and easy access to the latest giveaway, directly to your instagram feed. Another top tip is to search for contests using specific tags, this way you can better narrow your search to specific prizes.

Step into the world of comperence

The term ‘comper’ is used to describe people who spend a lot of time participating in competitions, and to put it bluntly, has become quite good at it. Many entrants have a presence on social media, and by checking out their profiles and engaging with them, it’s a good step into their world and ultimately finding the best contests to participate in. In fact, a lot of serious entrants will be part of a wider community where they will chat, exchange tips and discuss the latest contests. This is especially useful if you are entering a contest with a specific entry requirement (such as submitting a short story). It is within this community that you can really speed up participating in competitions and be at the forefront when it comes to the latest giveaways.

Browse forums and use the internet

Since the birth of the internet, forums have continually provided a first-hand look into pretty much any topic we choose, and contests and awards ceremonies are no exception. By checking the competition forums, you can easily find the latest competitions you can participate in, from car competitions to holidays.

While you are online, it is also worth checking out competition websites. The competition database is a good example of how you can browse and participate in a variety of competitions when it suits you. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific prize, you can use the internet to search for contests offering the said giveaway and viola and you will be greeted with a wide range of online contests awaiting your entry. Online security is also important when chasing prizes. Keep an eye on the terms and conditions when entering a contest, and never disclose your bank details when entering what should be a free contest.

4. Fire competitions

Some brands and companies will often offer prizes and competitions, some specialize in just this. By keeping an eye out and checking in regularly with these brands, you can keep track of the latest giveaways. Best of the Best is a great example that offering car races is their bread and butter, so if it’s a new vehicle you are looking for, you might want to bookmark their website.

Seeking out prizes at your local supermarket should not be overlooked. Many food brands will promote a contest on their food packaging, which often asks you to then go online or scan a QR code and enter. It’s easy to forget or not notice these contests at all, so here’s a kind reminder to keep an eye out the next time you’re out in your weekly shop.

Many grocery stores will also advertise for text contests where you pay the standard price of texting to enter. These can sometimes even show up on self-checkout machines, so keep your eyes open!

5. Radio stations

A true home of contests, radio stations can be a hub for potential prize giveaways. Traditionally, you would have had to call the radio station to enter a contest, often with the answer to a question or by playing a little trivia to win. Today, however, you can participate via text or social media, making radio station contests much more accessible. An obvious way to boost your chances of winning a radio competition is by listening to as many stations as often as possible (not at the same time of course!), Some popular stations with top-notch giveaways include Heart, Absolute, Magic, Capital , Virgo and Kiss.

If you are not able to listen to the radio, you can always check out their websites where they have access to the competition information, including a way to participate.

Participating in contests should not be difficult or inaccessible, and with the above methods, we hope there is something for everyone to be at the forefront of when it comes to finding the latest contests and giveaways. Good luck, and good competition!

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