5 tips to ensure abundant crops from “home gardening”

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has issued 4 basic tips to those interested in home use which will ensure the achievement of the best “quantitative and qualitative” yield of crops.

The authority stated in a guiding publication posted on its official pages on social media platforms that the first piece of advice is the importance of “determining the appropriate location”, pointing out the need to take 4 factors into account when choosing a place for home cultivation , which is that it must be “well ventilated, easy to drain, close to the water source, exposed to direct or indirect sunlight, for a period of not less than 6 hours a day.

In the second council, the commission focused on the importance of planting some seedlings of fruits and vegetables among palm trees or ornamental trees to provide the appropriate shade and utilize the spaces.

While the third council focused on the need to prepare seeds and seedlings, and noted the importance of buying fruit seedlings from a reliable source to ensure that they are of high quality and free of diseases and insects.

In the fourth council, the authority encouraged those interested in home cultivation to choose the varieties that are successful in cultivation in the UAE and have economic returns, while in the last advice it emphasized the importance of buying vegetable seeds from a reliable source, provided that the germination rate is of high quality, which explains that planting and seedlings are carried out The seeds of some types of vegetables in a place with moderate temperature and somewhat high humidity and are planted in agricultural trays or small pots (Jiffy pot) containing an agricultural medium consisting of agricultural soil (potting soil) and red sand in the ratio (2: 1). Others are grown directly in the field, at least 90%. Make sure that the production date does not exceed two years.

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