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4 Canadian military cadets die after the car crashes into the river

Four Canadian military cadets, who were weeks away from graduation, died early Friday morning after their car crashed into St. Louis. Lawrence River in Kingston, Ontario, authorities said.

The fourth-year cadets at the Royal Military College drove a dark green car around 2 a.m. in the river surrounding the Point Frederick Peninsula, Canada’s national defense said in a statement.

CBC News captured footage of the vehicle being lifted out of the water Friday, its doors opening and the windshield damaged.

Canada’s national defense identified them in the car as: Jack Hogarth, Andrei Honciu, Broden Murphy and Andrés Salek.

The men, whose age was not released, were about to graduate and be named officers in the Canadian Armed Forces in a few weeks, said Commander Josée Kurtz, the commander of the college, at a news conference Friday night.

Commodore Kurtz said the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service would investigate “what the vehicle was doing and what was causing the incident.”

She did not release any other details on Friday and did not respond to a call seeking comment Saturday. The Royal Military College also did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment.

“The young people and our staff and the faculty, we pretty much all know each other,” Commodore Kurtz said, adding that the college has about 1,200 students. “I live here. I see the young people every day. And then four at a time, in such circumstances, it’s hard.”

Commodore Kurtz said that Mr. Hogarth and Mr. Salek both were completing a bachelor’s degree in military and strategic studies and planned to be armored officers in the Army.

Mr. Honciu and Mr. Murphy was completing bachelor’s degrees in business administration. Mr. Honciu planned to become a logistics officer, and Mr. Murphy an aerospace environmental inspector in the Royal Canadian Air Force, she said.

“As parents ourselves, we can only imagine their pain,” Commodore Kurtz said.

Politicians across the country expressed sympathy with the families of the cadets.

Bryan Paterson, the mayor of Kingston, said further Twitter that he was “absolutely heartbroken,” and Secretary of Defense Anita Anand said in a statement that she offered her “deepest condolences to their families, classmates and loved ones as they mourn such a profound loss as is felt throughout our Canadian Armed Forces. Forces and land. ”

It said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Twitter Friday that “the tragic passing of these young Canadians is a devastating loss.”

“To all who knew them: We are here for you,” he said.

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