39. Petaluma’s Butter and Egg Days Festival returns after 2-year pandemic break

PETALUMA, California (KGO) – The streets of Petaluma were alive again Saturday for the city’s annual Butter and Egg Days Festival.

“I’m so excited and happy. I could not even sleep last night because I was so excited to be here today,” said festival goer Damienne Bell.

After the pandemic-induced break, the event was back in full swing this year.

This weekend’s event marks the festival’s 39th year in a row.

A celebration of the city’s rich agricultural heritage.

“1848 San Francisco only had about 700 people. And after the Gold Rush, it grew to about 25,000 people with no farms to feed them, which is how Petaluma became very, very wealthy and well-known,” Bell said.

But while the Butter and Egg Days Festival is flourishing again, in other parts of the Bay Area, other festivals have a different fate.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival, another base in the Bay Area, recently announced it would close its doors forever.

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So much the more reason, say both people and sellers, festivals like this are important to preserve.

“We saw a lot of people today who have been shopping with us for a long time, and we’re really grateful for that,” said James Clark of Farmhouse Artisan Market.

Not only for themselves, but also for future generations.

“We feel lucky. We just feel really lucky because we’re walking distance away and then she’s going to come and experience this. And we’re going to experience that. And it’s amazing,” said visitor Cailen Gerner. .

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