20 celebrities who made the Cameos On Hit series

Cameos are just not as iconic as they used to be.

I wish I could be a child again.

The smallest things made me happy, like watching my favorite celebrities make cameos on TV shows to watch new episodes live – and rebroadcasts of shows that came before I was born.

I feel like so much is happening in the world and I need to stroll down memory lane for a much simpler time.

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So let’s get started. You know, out of nostalgia.


Biggie Smalls on Martin

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Biggie Smalls was in Detroit looking for a background singer in the “Blow, Baby, Blow” section of the 90s hit comedy, Martin. Everyone and their mother were trying to audition when Smalls stayed in Martin’s apartment to hide, especially Gina and Pam.


Tupac is A different world

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When Tupac showed up Another world episode “Homey, Don’t Ya Know Me?” he played Lena’s ex-boyfriend, Piccolo, and he apparently could not let go of the past. He was out for a rude awakening when her college boyfriend would not retire.


MC Hammer on Martin

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When Martin and the gang decided to open a restaurant, it was the fastest opening and closing of an establishment ever. MC Hammer played an entrepreneur hoping to buy the company in the episode “CREAM”


Bust rhymes on Wayans Bros

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Busta Rhymes helped save a church in danger of closing in the episode “Busta Saves The Day”. However, he harbored resentment toward the brothers for something that had happened in the past.


Donny McClurkin continued Friends

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What happens when two friends demand a spiritual reminder when they distance themselves? Gospel singer Donny McClurkin gave Toni and Joan the moment they needed while performing in the “Trick or Truth” episode.


Jim Carrey continued The office

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After Michael Scott leaves the paper company Dunder Mifflin, the finger lakes guy, played by Carrey, leads a team interviewing several applicants who want to replace Michael as regional manager in the episode “Search Committee”.


Yolanda Adams continues The parks

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If anyone wants to leave their wildlife and change for the better, they should do so. But in the “Practice What You Preach” section, church members have a hard time accepting Karla’s (Adams) past when she became a pastor.


Shaq on The parks

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Shaq got the chance to play himself in the episode “Sign of Shaq” with a sprinkle of harassment from Nikki Parker and her best friend, Andell. Nikki’s dog ate the professor’s autographed Shaq shirt and she was determined to get it replaced.


India.Arie on Bernie Mac Show

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When Vanessa needed help with her talent show, her celebrity uncle, Bernie, asked India.Arie to help in the episode “Raging Election”. She performed her hit single, “Truth”.


Kirk Franklin continues Sister, sister

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After Tamera’s boyfriend, Jordan, refuses to go to church, a choir leader, played by Franklin, offers to help in the “My Father’s House” section.


Lil ‘Kim on Moesha

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Lil ‘Kim made two cameos on the hit series Moeshabut my favorite is when she played Diamond, a rapper’s girlfriend who wanted to work with Moesha’s brother, D-Money, in the episode “Paying the Piper”.


Master P on Moesha

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Master P played Patience, a shady “businessman” who became friends with D-Money and brought him more trouble than he had ever been in. He appeared in three episodes.


Ice Cube on Jamie Foxx Show

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While the Kings are gone, the Ice Cube and Westside Connection convince Jamie and the rest of the workers to let them have a wild party that ends with walls being torn down at King’s Tower in the “Westside” section.


Ron Isley and Mary J. Blige on The Jaime Foxx Show

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Ron Isley and Mary J. Blige both appeared in the episode “Papa Don’t Preach” as a father-daughter duo. Isley played an overprotective father who tries to forbid his daughter, played by Blige, to sing with Jaime.


Ke $ ha er Victory

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Andre and Tori are determined to have a private concert and spend a lot of money on ice to win Licther’s ice competition. Ke $ ha plays itself in the “Icecream for Ke $ ha” section.


Brad Pitt continues Friends

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Brad Pitt played Will Colbert in the episode “The One with the Rumor”. He confesses his hatred for Rachel and reveals that he and Ross set up an “I Hate Rachel” club in high school.


Beyoncé continues U.S. all

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Of course, Queen Bey played herself in the “Kindergarten Confidential” episode. She was interviewed by Bobby, played by Duane Martin, and even gave him advice on the relationship.


Mario and Melvin Van Peebles on Living Single

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When Regine decides to date two men, she is stuck in a love triangle with a weatherman and his father, played by Mario and Melvin Van Peebles in the episode “Likes Father, Likes Son”.


Mister T continues Various strokes

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I feel sorry for the fool who does not remember this episode. Mister T played himself, who happened to be Arnold’s idol. He gives Arnold, played by Gary Coleman, relationship advice after Arnold’s date has heart eyes for Mister T.

What are some of your favorite celebrity cameos? Tell me that in the comments.

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