1Password 8 is coming to Android and iOS with a major redesign and personal home

1Password is rolling out a major update to its Android and iOS apps today. 1Password 8 overhauls the design of the mobile password management apps in many of the same ways that the 1Password 8 apps for Windows and Mac were redesigned in recent months. The new mobile interface includes a personalized home tab that should make it easier to find logins, pin favorites and organize your passwords.

The new personal home screen also lets you easily view logins you’ve recently created and even pin individual fields from a login. You can also rearrange sections and add quick actions to the home tab, and the navigation bar now provides quick access to search, home, and settings.

Search isn’t super obvious in the current 1Password mobile app, and the navigation bar is instead divided into favorites, categories, tags, and settings. 1Password 8 greatly simplifies the entire interface and navigation bar, making it easier for 1Password users unfamiliar with the mobile app to find their login more easily. The updated app also features new and improved icons, typography, and detailed views for logins and vaults.

New icons and customizable home screen on 1Password 8 mobile.
Image: 1Password

1Password has also added an updated Watchtower UI inside the mobile app, including data breach warnings in elements. Collections are also available in the mobile app now, allowing 1Password users to create custom groups of vaults. Autofill is also faster and more accurate, so 1Password on mobile should more accurately autofill payment cards, addresses and identities across apps.

“Over the past few years, we’ve made a concerted effort to unify our design languages,” Michael Fey, VP of engineering for client apps at 1Password, explained earlier this year. “The updated designs result in a modern version of 1Password that is both familiar and fresh.”

The improvements in usability across mobile and desktop are especially important as 1Password tries to capture even more subscribers. 1Password now has more than 100,000 paying business customers, and it saw subscriber growth during the pandemic that led to a $6.8 billion valuation for the company earlier this year.

1Password has also made it easier to share files, documents and passwords with just a link, and even helped people remember which “login” service they used on websites. The service also added a hide my email feature last year, allowing all users to hide their email addresses from apps and services.

Update, August 9 at 9:40 a.m. ET: Article updated with more additions to 1Password 8 features.

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