15 best what we do in the shadows episodes (according to IMDb)

FX’s hit mockumentary comedy tv show, What we do in the shadows, was renewed for a third season after two excellent seasons. Based on the funny movie of the same name (which was written and directed by showrunners Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement), the show is known for its funny premise and funny characters.

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The show revolves around four vampire comrades, Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja and Colin Robinson, who live with their well-known, Guillermo. The show has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series at the 2020 Emmy Awards.

Updated April 25, 2022 by Stacie Rook: The third season of What We Do in the Shadows saw the comedy series continue to thrive and showcase the excellent comedic abilities of its central cast, while evolving the lives and history of its main characters. The show was renewed for a fourth season before the third even premiered, and with amazing top episodes across all three seasons, it’s easy to see why.

15 “Citizenship” (Season 1, Episode 8) – 8.2

While Nadja opens the newly transformed Jenna into her life as a vampire and discovers that her unique abilities leave her invisible, Guillermo helps Nandor prepare to take her American citizenship test, a process he started but expired in the 1990s .

Nadja and Jenna make waves for a college party and use their respective powers to great effect, but Nandor is less fortunate as his knowledge of America is severely deficient despite Guillermo’s guidance, and even his mysterious persuasive abilities will not affect the government official.

14 “Resurrection” (Season 2, Episode 1) – 8.4

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

After the vampires’ new acquaintance, Topher (played by Haley Joel Osment from The sixth Sense fame) accidentally dies from being electrocuted in the koi pond, the vampires get help from Wallace the Necromancer, played by Benedict Wong, to revive him.

However, they get more than they traded for when Topher comes back to life as a zombie. The now undead Topher keeps trying to eat Guillermo. When he tries to drown Guillermo in the pond, Nandor rescues him and Topher is eventually returned to Wallace to get his money back.


13 “The Cloak Of Duplication” (Season 3, Episode 2) – 8.4

Nandor in the gym at What We Do in the Shadows

Nadja and Nandor establish themselves as co-leaders of the Vampiric Council in this episode, though none of them are so happy with the event. However, it gives them access to all sorts of magical artifacts, including the Duplication Cloak, which Nandor uses in various ways to try to woo a human receptionist in the gym he sometimes goes to.

Meanwhile, Nadja is accompanied by Colin and Laszlo as she visits a group of younger vampires who rebel against the council’s control. Their attempt to negotiate fails, so Nadja exercises her control by killing the group’s leader, Wes, which strengthens her new reputation as a no-nonsense leader.

12 “The Wellness Center” (Season 3, Episode 8) – 8.4

Nandor dances in the wellness center of WWDITS

Continuing her seasonal arc to find new meaning in her immortal life, “The Wellness Center” sees Nandor join a group of vampires led by an alluring woman named Jan, who claims she can heal people for their vampirism.

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While in the clutches of the center, Nandor undergoes many transformations that will allegedly cleanse him of his suffering, but Guillermo sees through the scam and travels to pick him up. The episode ends with Nandor back on Staten Island, though he is not grateful to have been rescued.

11 “Ancestry” (Season 1, Episode 10) – 8.4

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

Guillermo gets his roommates and his own DNA tested and discovers that he is the direct descendant of the mythical Van Helsing family, known for hunting vampires. Throughout the episode, he keeps hurting Nandor by accident and worries about becoming a vampire hunter.

Gregor, Nadja’s lover, who has been reincarnated as a man named Jeff, shows one of the series’ best relationships, returns to visit her, but as in all previous lives, he is beheaded by Laszlo. The finale also features a funny cliffhanger after revealing Guillermo’s vampire hunt descent as he accidentally pierces a wooden pole through the vampire’s portraits.

10 * “The Casino” (Season 3, Episode 4) – 8.5

Guillermo and the vampires travel to Atlantic City in “The Casino” and accompany their human neighbors Sean and Charmaine, but the journey is complicated as the hotel’s cleaning staff disposes of the vampire’s ancestral land, which they need to conserve and be in. able to sleep.

The vampires are left to fend for themselves as they weaken, sending Guillermo on one mostly off-screen to find new ground for all of them. While they wait, Colin raises Nandor’s worldview as he teaches him about the universe, and Nadja and Laszlo try all sorts of plans to get Sean out of debt.

9 “The Curse” (Season 2, Episode 4) – 8.6

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

Nandor receives a spam chain email containing a “curse from Bloody Mary” ordering him to forward it to 10 other people. The vampires think they’s cursed and take Colin’s help to find 10 suitable email addresses.

Meanwhile, Guillermo’s group of vampire hunters finds what they believe is a vampire home where they find a family of vampires. The vampires try to eat everyone, but Guillermo manages to save most of them and run away, and they run away in the van, horrified.

8 “A Farewell” (Season 3, Episode 9) – 8.6

Colin Robinson and WWDITS the Farewell.jpg

Even with such a seemingly straightforward episode title as “A Farewell”, the penultimate episode of WWDITS season three is still completely surprising. Nandor prepares to enter a “Super Slumber”, Colin Robinson celebrates his 100th birthday and the house hosts a surprise party with vampires from the old world.

This episode balances moments of emotional weight with the show’s trademark stupidity, with drama and misunderstandings complicating matters. It ends with the apparent death of Colin Robinson, a shocking moment with a visual adaptation that sets in motion many changes.

7 “The Escape” (Season 3, Episode 6) – 8.6

The father, the baron and the hellhound in WWDITS

An episode that proves the ways in which WWDITS season three is good, “The Escape” introduces new vampire story as it sees Sire, the original vampire, go free. This can prove disastrous for the vampires, as it is rumored that if Sire dies, they will all perish as well.

Guillermo uses his vampire hunting skills to lead a mission to track down the Sire, along with not only the vampires but also a surprisingly living (though somewhat altered) baron. After Sire is found, the entertaining episode ends with an unlikely trio, Sire, Baron and the hellhound who settle down to live together in New Jersey.

6 “On the Run” (Season 2, Episode 6) – 8.7

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

Laszlo is visited by Jim, a vampire he owes money to. Jim demands that Laszlo either repay his money or fight him in a duel, and Laszlo agrees to the latter. But when Jim is turned his back on, Laszlo flees all the way to Pennsylvania, where he assumes the identity of a bar owner, Jackie Daytona, a move that leads to some of the funniest Laszlo quotes in the show.

He becomes popular with the town’s residents after being involved in supporting the local women’s volleyball team and even hosting a fundraiser for them. However, everything goes wrong when Jim shows up. Laszlo, who becomes a more kind-hearted person by living his life as Jackie, gives Jim a gift to repay his debt and returns home after making Jim the team’s coach.

5 “The Portrait” (Season 3, Episode 10) – 8.7

While the vampires and Guillermo deal with Colin Robinson’s death, they pose for a new portrait, but their grief is not the only problem they face, as each housemate has their own problems and desires that would lead them elsewhere.

The season three finale leaves fans with burning questions for season four as not only is Colin Robinson revealed to be alive in a new form with Laszlo as his caretaker, but Nadja and Guillermo are last seen on their way to England and Nandor is back . to embark on his travels alone.

4 “Baron’s Night Out” (Season 1, Episode 6) – 8.8

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

When the baron wakes up from his slumber, he wants to experience a night on the town, to the displeasure of the vampires, as they plan to kill the baron for fear of their own lives. The baron gets more and more drunk when he drinks blood from drunk people, leading him to bond with the vampires.

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After a night of misfortune, the vampires reach the house when dawn approaches and the drunk baron tries to dodge the sunlight coming through the ceiling. He falls down the stairs and is burned to death by the sunlight coming through the front door that Guillermo had opened, to everyone’s horror.

3 “New Vampire Theater” (Season 2, Episode 10) – 8.8

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

In the season 2 finale, Guillermo suddenly disappears from the house, leaving only a note that reads “Sorry.” It turned out that he had gone because he feared that his vampire hunting heritage distracted him from his duties as you know. The vampires are struggling to make ends meet without him as they have no one to clean their clothes.

But their mood is lifted when they are invited to the coveted Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires, the most exclusive event on the vampire social calendar, which turns out to be a trap to catch the vampires. Guillermo, however, finds out it’s a trap and shows up to rescue them, slaughtering almost all the vampires in the cast and audience.

2 “Colin’s Promotion” (Season 2, Episode 5) – 9

After being promoted to a leadership position in his office, Colin Robinson realizes that his increased influence over his colleagues means he can drain more and more energy from them. At home, Nadja realizes that her village was ransacked by Nandor 200 years before she was born, and tries to kill him. Guillermo realizes that Colin is using his new power to excite his roommates and soak up their energy.

Colin makes clones of himself and claims they are his only friends, but his clones die of being bored too much. The vampires have a tribute where they show true love for Colin and he reveals that he forged his death. Colin’s office shuts down due to lack of productivity and he gets a new job.

1 “The Trial” (Season 1, Episode 7) – 9.3

What We Do in the Shadows Episode Still

After the baron’s death, the vampires are summoned by the vampire council for the baron’s murder. At trial, Guillermo admits to having killed the baron by accident, but they do not believe him as they believed Guillermo lied to protect his master. As the Council discusses eating Guillermo, Nandor confesses to the crime.

The council sentences them to death by sunlight and they are locked inside a well. At dawn, however, Colin shields them from the sun with an umbrella, and Guillermo helps them escape. The episode features some really funny cameos, including Tilda Swinton, Danny Trejo, and best of all, Wesley Snipes as a day walker (a naughty nod to Blade).

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