10 memes that sum up Ron as a character

Rupert Grint thrives in his newest role in Resignationbut the actor will always be known as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. Loyal friend and comic relief, Ron was an irreplaceable third of the Golden Trio. For better or for worse, book-Ron and movie-Ron showed some differences in character.

Ron’s unique character has spawned countless internet memes, all of which relate to his signature traits and personality, both on the page and on screen. These are the best that depict the life and times of the chess master Potters.

Book vs. Movie Ron

Ron in the movies was a different wizard than Ron in the books. This transformation is natural when a book is adapted for the screen, but the movie Ron was not nearly as loyal as his counterpart in the novels. His first priority was always Harry and Hermione and he would risk his life for them.


Funnily enough, Ron always ate in the movies, which was always pointed out by an annoyed Hermione in the Great Hall. It just seemed sad that so many great qualities about the character were dismissed and replaced with him being a foodie.

Hermione’s future husband

Their first brush on the Hogwarts Express wasn’t the most impressive, but little did Hermione and Ron know that they were actually soul mates. The young witch was unimpressed by Ron’s feeble attempts at magic and would not have thought she would spend her life with him.

Proving that first impressions don’t always have to be last impressions, Ron managed to get the girl in the end (against all odds.) It’s pretty funny to think how this first interaction would have gone if both Ron and Hermione had a clue.

Molly Weasley with Harry Vs. Ron

Warmth and kindness are words associated with Molly Weasley, but her parenting skills can sometimes be a bit questionable. As a mother of seven, it was clear that she was quite confused as a mother, but her treatment of Harry was very different from her treatment of her youngest son.

Poor Ron had to watch his own mother fawn over his best friend, as did others, while receiving less than satisfactory affection or even consideration from her. Harry was also a star in the Weasley family, which could be a bit of a turn on for poor Ronald.

A flying car

Nothing describes Ron better than this meme, which incorporates his trademark flying car and a superhero impersonating the creature he fears most: spiders. Ron’s brilliant idea to float across the country in an enchanted car nearly broke the non-disclosure agreement due to being spotted mid-air by muggles.

The younger Weasley certainly knew how to make an entrance into Hogwarts and his shenanigans later paid off as the Ford Anglia rescued them on several occasions later.

Ron and homework

Ron was lucky that his best friend was smarter than all of their peers. Hermione was the push he needed to actually do his homework, which consisted of large and complex essays that Ron had no idea how to begin.

Schoolwork was never at the top of his priorities and he liked messing around with Harry and the other Gryffindors most of the time. The only way he actually got through Hogwarts was because Hermione wrote the introductions to his essays or forced him to go to a library and open a book.

The catch phrase

Another comparison that fans draw between Ron in the books and in the movies is his trademark “for hell” which was mainly heard in the movies. It was added for comedic purposes and while it sometimes worked, other times it felt a bit forced.

The characters written by JK Rowling were quite amusing in the novels, and instead of incorporating the snappy dialogue that Ron, Harry and Hermione said there, this somehow became the only sentence that Ronald Weasley ever uttered, regardless of whether he was terrified, afraid, sad, or surprised.

Ron the Grandmaster

One of Ron’s most commendable abilities was his fine play of chess, and more specifically wizard chess, which was a little different and more violent than the regular type. In fact, this was the one thing he could do better than anyone else, and his skill was visible in it Sorcerer’s Stone.

This was an intellectual activity that even Hermione couldn’t beat him at, and fans wish they could have seen more of it in the movies. It was clearly a passion for him and Ron could have gone to various tournaments and beaten his competition easily.

Ron and Scabbers

The biggest shock of Ron’s life was when he discovered that his beloved pet, Scabbers, was actually an Animagus. Not only was he human, but also someone who was responsible for the death of Harry’s parents. He had spent an entire summer protecting the wily rat from Crookshanks’ teeth, and it was all for nothing.

Unfortunately, Crookshanks wasn’t even responsible for Pettigrew’s disappearance (he apparently escaped every once in a while to become human again), but it did lead to some serious tension between Hermione and Ron.

Ron “On” Happy Happy

Quite unexpectedly (and with some wand work from Hermione), Ronald Weasley had ended up on the Quidditch team. Even then, his lack of confidence threatened to ruin his game, despite having the skills required of a goalkeeper during the match.

Harry’s dexterity helped Ron get through the match and even become the equivalent of the most valuable player. Harry had only pretended to throw it into Ron’s juice, despite Hermione’s protests, and it was the positive mindset and boost that Ron needed to perform during the game.

Accident Weasley

It’s no secret that many felt Hermione was out of Ron’s league, giving hope to underdogs everywhere, but since then JK Rowling has spoken about how she regrets pairing the two together. Rowling has stated that Harry and Hermione were meant to be, and that Ron and Hermione were a mistake.

Although the canonical relationship between Ron and Hermione can never be changed or reversed, once the writer says it should have been different, fans will always side with the creator’s last word.

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